Sports Analytics

R package SportsAnalytics

The aim of this package is to provide infrastructure for sports analysis. Anyway, currently it is a selection of data sets, functions to fetch sports data, examples, and demos -- with the ambition to develop bit by bit a set of classes to represent general concepts of sports analysis.


Archetypal athletes

The manuscript "Archetypal Athletes" presents archetypal analysis as method to profile sports players; e.g., basketball and soccer players:

R> demo("archeplayers-nba-2d", package = "SportsAnalytics")
R> demo("archeplayers-nba", package = "SportsAnalytics")
R> demo("archeplayers-soccer", package = "SportsAnalytics")


The stable version of SportsAnalytics is available on CRAN; issue the following from within R to install it:

R> install.packages("SportsAnalytics")

The development version is available on R-Forge.